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I have done over 30 shops for Informa and have always been paid. I like them a lot and they always pay within one month. Now I seem to be chasing some bonuses. It has been two weeks since I got my base pay and I am still waiting for $30 worth of bonuses from March. I just emailed my scheduler and she has referred it to Informa's corporate office for them to look into it. Has anyone ever had this issue with Informa?

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Yes, I never had difficulty getting paid the base pay for shops, but I repeatedly had a problem collecting bonus pay. If you do a search, you'll find several discussions on difficulty collecting bonuses from Informa. It has been a problem since at least 2010. Since the contract ended on the customer platform shops, I have not done anything with them.
Thanks everyone. It is good to know it is not just me. I will keep annoying them until I get my bonus.
The problems with payment of bonuses from Informa were discussed in one of the latest issues of the Mystery Shopping Magazine.


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Thanks. I just received an email from the scheduler. I should get my bonuses in 3-4 weeks. I'll keep everyone posted.
I did not receive my bonuses for March nor a few from last year. I will be contacting them as well.
jwolpert Wrote:
> Thanks everyone. It is good to know it is not just
> me. I will keep annoying them until I get my
> bonus.
Sadly, I too have had problems with Informa. I have addressed the issue on multiple occasions and keep getting the run around. I'm very upset! I've been a longtime reliable shopper with them and I keep getting excuses or am told it's on the way. They owe me $200 for shops completed 4 months ago! I drove 160 miles round trip for those shops. Hope this doesn't happen to other shoppers.
I have never had a problem getting paid from Informa and the bonus issue was quickly resolved and I got my bonus. When I did have the bonus issue the scheduler was very receptive.
Having to ask even once for money owed is annoying. Having to ask multiple times over a period of several months is unacceptable. It's too bad but this is huge blemish on an otherwise great company.
I have never had to ask for my money except the one time for the bonuses. I still feel that they are a great company to work with.
So far, I have always received my regular pay and my bonus pay on schedule from Informars.
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Same here...been waiting, emailing, calling, and more emailing to get bonuses I have all documentation on since March 2013..over $200 worth...sent all back up more than once, and still have not received the $$$..getting very frustrating being a single mom and living day to day...I rely on this money to feed and clothe my kids and pay back gas bills for the long trips I was sent expected date of payment given...been 3 weeks since last attempt to is now Sept 2013 sad smiley
Who have you been emailing. I have found that the scheduler that I work with is very responsive.
To ME this is a red flag and I assure you I won't be "stuck" by them as I just won't do any work....not worth it.
informa has been very good to me as far as payment is concerned. I am sure it is an oversight.
The last person I heard from was Donna who was very nice...It's been 3 weeks since she emailed and said it would be taken care of...still waiting even though I sent all proof 3 weeks ago....Liza was the original scheduler and was great to work with but I always chased bonuses. I have heard she is no longer there. Thankfully I saved ALL my emails from her promising the bonuses....Someone else has taken over my area and have had NO problem getting paid base plus bonuses on recent shops.
Right below the shop description on Prophet, there is a section for 'Additional Information'. Make sure that the bonus appears there as a 'Note' before completing your submission. That way it gets paid with the base pay for the shop. You just have to stay on top of the scheduler to see that it gets entered in Prophet.
Update: Problem resolved. s/b pd 3 wks.

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I'm surprised to see all this- I've never had the issue. I'll keep ,my eye out though.
I do like Informa, and actually got paid yesterday for a bonused shop- and it was a 2- part shop. The second part hasn't even been completed yet, and they still paid- early. maybe it's the feedback that's helped.
One time they did try to deny payment, but I really fought for it, and they were agreeable in the end.
Informa has a lot of incompetent people working for them. The problem is that the editors take for ever and this causes problems in the payments being made. The schedulers do not know what they are doing either. I used to do many shops for them but it got to the point that it was no longer worth working for them always having to chase them down for payments and always having to reply to editors six times about the same question. The Major bank client of there's should part ways with them and choose a new shop company soon.
I have done over 50 shops for Informa and only once did I have to email about bonus payments (which is why I started this thread). This issue was resolved quickly by the scheduler. Other than that I have never ever ever had to chase them for payment. I also have had no problem with the schedulers answering emails. I love Informa.

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