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Has anyone noticed problems with the sassie companies websites? I was working on Game Film about 7PM and it went down. I haven't been able to get into Tell Us about Us or Game Film. I tried a couple of other Sassies and they all seem to be down. I can get into their main websites but the shopper area in each seems to be down. I'm accessing every other company that isn't Sassie so I'm pretty sure it's a Sassie web problem.

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Its 7:45 pm Hawaii time. I just logged into to game film with no problems, and kerns on sassie as well. Maybe it was temporary and is back up?

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Very troubling. Mine is still down as of 5:30 a.m. I can get into the general websites. But if I use the shopper login I get the website not available. I can get into Kern and to shoppers lounge but if I try to search for jobs or anything that requires you to enter the sassie login, no.... tried my son's computer, too. Guess I'll try to head over to the library this morning. I've got 2 shops that need entering.
This is the strangest thing I've seen. I could not log into any of the Sassie shopper areas. I tried my son's computer (same house) and still could not. I went to my neighbor's computer & still couldn't. I went down to the closest library (about 6 blocks away) and still couldn't. I got an e-mail from the KSS scheduler who said the sites were up, but I still couldn't so I drove downtown to the main library - and was able to log in and complete the report! Then back home and still could not get in. went back to the day job and got home a couple of minutes ago and now can log in. Some kind of weird area ISP problem? Has anybody ever heard of this? Oh, well, all's well that ends well.
Sounds like gremlins. sorry.....just had to say explains all unexplainable technical problems.
I can't address the problem of not logging in; but, I can commiserate with frantically trying to submit a report and running into roadblocks not of my making. Glad you got it done. It says a lot about you.
Just to be on the safe side I would run a spyware scanner, a virus scanner, clear cache, clear my recycle bin and defrag the computer. Chances of any of this being your issue is negated strongly by the same problem appearing on your son's machine, but at least your machine will be cleaned up, checked and probably operating at least a little faster. smiling smiley And no, I have not heard of that kind of problem.

1) If you had not been able to get in at the library I would assume it was your password--your password is obviously fine.
2) Others were not experiencing a similar problem so it is safe to assume it was not a site problem.
3) That the problem existed with both machines at your house would indicate it is not a machine specific issue.

I am assuming that neither you nor anyone in your house has changed your firewall settings so that you are effectively blocked from the sites.

The only piece of the puzzle left is your ISP and that is unlikely as well since you were able to get as far as the sign in page (except that the machine may have been pulling that up from cache). Thus the suggestion you clean up your machine and if you still cannot get to the site (and can't even pull it up now to the sign in page from cache since you cleared that), you need to spend some quality time on the phone with your ISP.
By the time I got home from work last night I could once again log in from my home computer. Go figure. Oh, well, the important thing is I got the shop in and wasn't late - AND - got a 10/10 - so I feel better. Maybe it was just some fluke that will never happen again.
I got some information the other day when I was talking to a teacher friend of mine, they use Sassie for their net at school and they were infected by a huge virus, the second time in a couple of months. Then found out when I subbed at another district, their system got infected too..they also use Sassie, and it was down for almost three days. So I would figure that Sassie had a major problem.
Assuming you have broadband, and so does your neighbor and the library- it's possible THEY had the issue, whatever it may be.

Glad to hear the problem is fixed though. That would be awful, it's like our lifeline!
Same thing was reported by a nearby school system, using Sassie, the first part of last week.
It makes no sense to me that school systems would be using Sassie. It is a mystery shopping program (check out

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