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Yesterday I applied for a bank job on their job board. This morning I checked and the application is gone but the job is still on the board. I applied again. Again the application was removed but the job is still on the board. Normally I would apply on the MSC website but this is for an MSC that does not have a job board. Does anyone have experience with this that they could share, or any words of wisdom to help me. Thanks.

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try emailing the scheduler directly to see why werent accepted. Might be demographic's they are trying to meet that they didn't specify

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It could also be due to a rotational requirement.

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Did it say which MSC the bank job was for and are you registered with the MSC in addition to being registered with Kern? If yes, maybe the problem is demographic. I agree that calling the scheduler to ask might be the best answer.
Thanks. The MSC is Kinesis and I am registered with them. I emailed the scheduler and will see what happens.
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