Pinnacle Quality Insight


Different Pinnacle than a financial one, any one shoped for them? I did try the search with "all dates" and on hits appear.

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I think this Pinnacle is an organization that works with health care providers. "Mystery Shopper, our healthcare mystery shopping service, helps you monitor your intake process. After 10 years conducting thousands of phone-based mystery shoppers, we have discovered that an alarming number of facilities lose inquiries due to the following factors:"

It sounds like MYSTERY SHOPPER is the name of the MS company they use, or maybe that they own. I'm not signed up with anything called Mystery Shopper. I don't think Pinnacle Quality Insight itself is a MSC. I don't see any way to sign up to be a mystery shopper for them. I wonder if they employ their own?

Sounds like they do what Baird does.

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