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Happy Saturday everyone!

I'm a new MS. I've successfully completed 3 shops to date (thanks to the wonderful information in this forum) and decided to broaden my shop experiences, so I signed up for Informa. I was instantly accepted and gained access to the search engine to find shops in my area as well as my parents' (I'll be visiting them next week). I have read the Platform Scenarios & Platform Questionnaire for each shop and I am comfortable with completing the shops as instructed.

I accepted 3 shops, each for separate days and tried to accept an additional shop for the same day as another since it's on my way home from my parents. I received the following message, "Sorry, you cannot accept this visit because you may have only 2 of these types: Lending Rep Inquiry about Mortgage, PR Inquiry about Checking Accounts Please read the Visit's instructions for more information." I read each Visit's instructions and there is no mention of only being able to do two specific types of shops. In fact, for all but one of the Visits, the only information in the instructions section is, "Please review the questionnaire and scenario in detail prior to conducting your shop.". The one Visit that has additional information in the instructions section just said that I did not need to have an account with the bank.

Does Informa have guidelines or rules for Mystery Shoppers? I cannot find anything. The website is very simple and the only information I can view are the shops I self assigned, my personal info and links to: edit my profile information and visit related information. One of the shops is on Monday. I don't want to have a shop rejected because I broke a rule I was not aware of.


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Just email the schedulers and ask them if you'd be able assign other shops, since you will be in that area. =) You should be fine.
Thank you for the reply! smiling smiley
I cannot find ANY way to contact a scheduler or anyone else for that matter. It's not listed with the shop information or any of the documents included in the shop information.

Edited to add: There is one scheduler listed in the information section of a visit that is too far for me to travel to. I think I might email her to see if she can help me.

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Dylan Lerner works with Informa and is a frequent poster here on the forum. Why not PM him - his screen name is DLerner and the info he posts in his signature line is:

Dylan Lerner
Mystery Shop Department
Informa Research Services, Inc.
Sometimes the client wants to be sure that the shops are done by a variety of shoppers rather than letting the MSC rely on just a few shoppers to do all of them. If you want to try for more assignments, do eamil and/or call and ask. If it is feasible and the shops are open, you may get another. However, as a shopper who is new to Informa, or any MSC, you may be limited until they hae seen the quality of your work.

BTW, all of the Informa shops that I have done have had a contact name and phone number, often in the guidelines or training areas. Have you taken the online training for those shops yet?

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walesmaven, I don't have access to anything but the job search. I triple checked my emails from Informa to see if there was another website I should be looking at (there is not) and I quadruple checked the shop information, guidelines and scenarios. Only one out of four have a contact name with a generic email address, the other 3 have no contact information. There is no training mentioned and no links to training associated with the shops.

I did email the the scheduler listed on the shop that is too far away for me to do. I will see what she says.
Call the Infoma office in California. They are very supportive of shoppers.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
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