Insula fast food

Read the guidelines. Not getting it. How do you take a pic of the menuboard without being seen? How many prices do you need to get? Thanks.

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its only the drive-thru board from what i've seen

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You need more than one picture , generally three, left middle and right side. And not only do you juggle the staff not to see you
(drive through) you juggle the cars making purchases. Park as close as you can in the back lot and make a run for it!
It works but really not work the money since the purchase for receipt is in the paltry amount.
In my mine they are getting a dollar item food, and three pics all for less than a happy meal.
I never understand how we're expected to get photos of the menu board covertly, either.

What if, like at the burger place with the guy with a giant antenna ball for a head, there's two menu boards? Although usually they're the same. I guess the first one is for people further back in line to figure out their order, before getting to the menu board with the speaker in it. Would they accept photos of the first one ~ the one without the actual speaker in it? Can these be done any time of day (or night)? Are you supposed to take them from your car, while you're placing your order?

What about those promotional menu boards that are sometimes up, separately from the main ones?

It all seems just a little too annoying to me, especially done covertly.

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