anybody have a contact at Service Slueth?

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If they accept you, then your chosen shop date will appear with their approval for you to do the shop....
Exactly as Arch said...they don't always communicate when you haven't been selected. Your request just disappears off your list.
You might want to contact someone at KSS. They used them to schedule some of their shops.smiling smileysmiling smiley
Ya know, I haven't had much luck lately in trying to get a response out of KSS. I've sent several messages about another matter, to two different schedulers, but haven't heard zip. Anyone else?

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I've tried emailing one particular scheduler from KSS about a job posting and never got a response. I have given up trying.
It sounded to me like nanabelle couldn't select a date... maybe the calendar wasn't popping up or there wasn't a blank to type it into. I'm going to send her a direct message with the contact info for the Kern scheduler that I was working with on some of their shops.
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