Informa Research Services Shops for June

Hello everyone. Would anyone know when Informa's shops will be posted for the month of June? They still are not visible on the Prophet system.

Thank you.

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I have been watching all month, I have a few listed, but all have a date for May 30th so I can't sign up for them.
I think they are on the west coast, so hopefully they appear later this morning
I got an email saying they would be posted this weekend, but I haven't seen them yet either. I'm betting on later today.
I appreciate everyone's response. I was getting worried there that I was the only one smiling smiley
Now suddenly all of the shops that I could see before are now gone. Hopefully they didnt just all get picked up after the dates were changed.
I just signed up for a couple of shops for some quarterly shops. They post different projects at different times on the board; depends on the client. Some of the monthly shops, for a different client, that I do have not posted yet.
The (monthly and quarterly) June financial shops posted today. Hope those of you who kept checking were able to nab some.

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Where are you guys located? I have open Informa Research Services shops in several states. Thanks!

Emily Ricketts
Independent Scheduler

Emily Ricketts
Independent Scheduler
Goodwin & Associates
I'm in Arizona.

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