How is Goodwin these days?

I've avoided Goodwin & Associates because I've seen reports of late payment/having to chase payment around here. They have a restaurant in my area that I'd really love to try and I'm considering giving it a shot... Has Goodwin gotten any better? Do they pay eventually? Has anyone had recent experiences with them?

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The reports of late or slow payments are from quite some time back. It is no longer necessary to chase payment. Go ahead and enjoy that assignment.

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Goodwin was reviewed in Issue 7 of the Mystery Shopper Magazine. You can check out the article here: [].

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Hey, I am liking this company. I can't name for you any of their folks but the assignments are fun, their website is easy to use, and they are paying out in good order and on time.

Big Ed
Mystery shopping in the Great Smokey & Blue Ridge Mountain ranges of Southern Appalachia (GA, NC, SC, & TN)

Big Ed
Mystery shopping in the Great Smokey & Blue Ridge Mountain ranges of Southern Appalachia (GA, NC, SC, & TN)
I'm registered with them, but never any jobs in my area. Haven't seen one yet. sad smiley

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I have shopped for them. They paid exactly as the assignment description said. On their homepage, it says that they started using Paypal January 1, 2013. Maybe that has helped them get organized and be on time.

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I did one restaurant assignment and they were prompt and by the book. I thought the reimbursement limit was too low for the ordering requirements and haven't done another.

No fee, no shop.
My last payment from them was on 5/29 for a shop I completed on 4/13. They are definitely paying faster and you no longer have to remind them to pay you.
I see one or two shops, but you have to buy SO much and take pics??? nah.....not worth the $8 payment.
Kathy in AR Wrote:
> I have shopped for them. They paid exactly as the
> assignment description said. On their homepage,
> it says that they started using Paypal January 1,
> 2013. Maybe that has helped them get organized
> and be on time.

They were using PayPal before January 2013. Although other shoppers may have been paid through a GAH payroll check.

I think that the head honcho got rid of some dead weight. It seems like Amy M and Ling L have gone. They have re-focus there bottom line to where they are better. They also schedule some shops through an outside scheduler which means that if they are slow with us in regards to pay then they are slow with everyone else. They still offer shops in both Prophet 4 and SASSIE sites. The SASSIE site seems to be run or scheduled by CTCSS.

I just signed up for one of there June July August shops but I don't know if I have to do that shop each month. It was not clear on the site. Maybe Kim from CTCSS will let me know or decline me from the shop because I only picked one day so far.
They're paying on time via paypal. I enjoy shopping for them whatever the assignments, and I hardly ever hear anything from their editors. They're easy to please.
They have paid via PayPal long before the first of this year.

It's been since early this year, though, that they've been paying on time, without being 'reminded'. Even better, is that 'on time' has been shortened from 90 to 45-60 days. I like their shops, too.

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Thanks guys. I will go ahead and do the shop. It's a reimbursement restaurant shop and I like to be very sure of my MSC before I perform one. smiling smiley
They're supposed to pay every 30-45 days.I should be getting a check soon according to that.If I don't get a notice of one by the 15th,which is well past the 45 day mark..I'll let ya know.
I never gave up on them.

When I was a newbie, I was warned that payment could take 4 months. I had so many sticks in the fire at the time, I shopped them knowing it would be awhile for payment. (I took everything back then for the experience).

At first, it did take almost 3 months but now they seem to pay about every 6 weeks. smiling smiley
Recently I began doing a couple of fast casual restaurant shops per month for them and have had no problems (in the past 6-8 months).

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Thanks to this forum, I recent began to shop for them again, after a hiatus of several years.
I had not accepted shops because of their slow payment, but when I read reports on the forum of prompt payment, I tried a couple of shops. I'm happy to say that my recent shops have been paid promptly. I can now recommend them.
Just a footnote to my earlier post..Goodwin finally paid me for my May 24 shop but did not reimburse me for my meal. I have a call into them now. I'm getting alittle tired of babysitting this company to make sure they pay on time and accurately.
Make sure your meal was included. Some of GAH shops does not reimbursed, only a shoppers fee.

How many shops have you done for this company......."I'm getting alittle tired of babysitting this company"? I know GAH has shops in NJ and NY. '
All the shops I have done for Goodwin pay a flat fee, out of which you buy your own meal. There are several I won't do because it doesn't look like there'd be anything left of the fee after I pay for the ordering requirements.
I did some shops for them about a year ago and they reimbursed me but it seems they have changed the policy. I told them to take me out of their database , really doesn't pay to shop for them I'm finding.
Still getting regular, accurate pay; just like I posted last month. I have been pleasantly surprised. Just got paid on July 5th for a May 17th shop. And paid June 19th for a May 3rd shop. So that's about six weeks!

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
30-45 days was the stated policy when I took my first shop for them about 4 weeks ago. I'm waiting, but it is not overdue yet.

It's overdue now (8-6-2013) and the first inquiry was met with silence. sad smiley

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I'm not sure. CTCSS had a cell phone job for them in Texas and offered a link. When I checked their site, I seem to be offered many jobs in Nebraska. The one in Texas did not appear. I tried to change my location and site told me I'm not eligible to apply for jobs in Texas.

Anyway, Nebraska is too far, and I still haven't figured out how to apply for the Texas jobs...if indeed there are any. C'est la vie!
They were good for a while, but back to those old tricks. Am due payment from as long back as June 15. Wonder what's cooking?
Technically your 45 days are not up yet? "Beginning with shops completed on 11/1/2012, payment terms will be 30-45 days."<<<<<<<from GAH website. I still have faith in themgrinning smileysmiling smileysmiling smiley
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