Bare Evaluations??

I did my first shop for Bare yesterday. I use a cell phone for timing. My family has noticed that all of our timing devices are different. The computer has a different time than cell phones or the car or the microwave.

Last night when I was putting away my receipts for the day, I noticed that my receipt for the Bare shop was time stamped a minute and a half before I had reported that I entered the establishment. I just feel sick. I usually notice that kind of thing and make appropriate adjustments. But it was my first shop of this type and I had a busy day and did not notice. I spent about $40 doing that shop and am looking forward to being reimbursed.

Can someone tell me how picky they are? I would think this is a big issue - even though there is a simple explanation. And I didn't just make up times out of the air. If I were going to do that, I would have done better. LOL

Working in S. Arkansas and N. Louisiana!

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That timing difference should make no difference...

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I haven't ever encountered a company that didn't accept a shop because my watch was a few minutes different from their register. Occasionally I have been questioned, and I just explained that my clock must have been a couple minutes different and they are ok with it.
One time I did have a report questioned by an MSC. I was doing a route of back-to-back shops, and I was concentrating more on the details of each than the timing. I was alternating between looking at the clock in my vehicle, my watch, and my cell phone. Well, needless to say, the timings got fouled up and it looked as though two of my shops for the same company overlapped.

So your tip for the day is: Be consistent with whatever timing device you use, and only use that specific one for the day.

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For the future: gas station receipts, outlet stores, etc are often VERY inaccurate with respect to the timestamp imprint.

I usually check the register timestamp before hitting "Submit."


If there's a large discrepancy, I put a note to the editor in my report.
Cell phones and computers should be way more accurate than the car or the microwave. I don't change any device that updates itself automatically and use those to set every other clock or watch. I am especially conscious the clock in the car syncs up with the phone. We really should not be adjusting the times we enter into a report based on a cash register receipt. Use the time your device provides and note any large discrepancies in the report or with e-mail to the scheduler.

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I have one shop I have done three or four times and their register clock is off about 15 minutes. I mention it every time I do a shop and they still haven't reset it.

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Glad it worked out! Usually, if you use the same device throughout, you're good. If it was a shipping service shop, I've done lots of them and never had one questioned yet.
I stick with my iPHone time as the most accurate. I had written comments that xxx time was off by xx number of minutes compared to my iPhone.

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Only encountered one unreasonable person at Bare when they had gas station debrands. Told her the address leads to a green field. She refused to believe it and kept sending me Google maps photos of buildings that never seemed to be of the address sought. She nonetheless issued me a flake citation because I could only provide a green field!

Other than that, I've had no problems with Bare in the five years I've done assignments for them. The other staff seem very reasonable including the non-US staff.
Thanks, guys! I've wondered how to handle this as well... especially when my devices say that I made it under the wire for the allowed time before close, but if you do the math based on their receipt, I didn't it.
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