Stir Crazy Restaurant

Does anyone know if this restaurant is shopped at this time? It used to be shopped a while ago. Great food.

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Yes, if it is the "Stir" type restaurant that I think you mean - with the name of the cooking utensil in the name - they are shopped by <Oops! Be careful of ICA Violations!>
Boutique, please use the edit button at the bottom of your post to remove the client name. Since nydan has named the client, disclosing the name of the MSP is an ICA violation and is prohibited by our forum's guidelines.

Edited to say maybe the correct MSP name has not been revealed. It sounds as if Boutique may be naming an MSP that shops a stir fry restaurant but is not the one nydan named. There is actually a restaurant named =Stir Crazy= but I am thinking that Boutiqe is thinking of stir fry restaurants in general.

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