Informa have you received several checks this month

I received my normal check that was for last months shops. Since then I have received two separate checks for shop I completed in June. The one check was for a route I did plus the bonus was on the check too. Then yesterday I received my third check from them for other shops I had completed. Trust me I'm not complaining just wondering if others have noticed the change. I wasn't expecting to get the second two checks until mid July. I do know they were working on the systems to make sure we received our bonus money which seems to be working for me anyway.

Thanks Informa keep sending them!!

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if it keeps up you will start getting checks with "just because" money

Nothing wrong with that : )

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I always have received random checks from, one week and one or two a week later. Don't know how their system works, but I'm not complaining. Sometimes bonuses are paid separately.Still waiting for the "just because" checks though. That would be a pleasant day.

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Well..I am waiting for a check ..and was on 24 June 2013
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