Jancyn- website down?

I have a shop today for Jancyn and logged on about an hour agao to print my paperwork, and while the correct header appears, the page has ads on it and the yahoo search listings for their company. The only link that works is ther "contact us" link. I have emailed the scheduler and called several times. Not one extension picks up, and so far the log in has not changed and I've had no email replies. If I google Jancyn, most of the listings just go to a d-link Yahoo search page. I have tried on both my desktop and laptop. Any ideas? Anyone else having this issue? and I am using the latest Firefox browser, and the latest Windows operating system- for those who are going to ask.

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I can't get on Second to None or Measure CP. "isitdownrightnow.com" says both are down for everyone...

Jancyn says down too.
I was just going to comment that measurecp is down too....

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The BAI Evaluator Login is doing that for me for about the last hour. I tried on Fire Fox and IE.

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If they host through Network Solutions that would be the problem, because NS is currently down. I've been having trouble with several websites today, so I'm thinking it's related.
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