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I did one of the IntelliShop assignments that require the $100 deposit and a somewhat significant out-of-pocket expense for the event. They tell you the $100 will be refunded as soon as your report is accepted. This was the beginning of May. My report was finally accepted a week later but I have yet to be paid or received my deposit back. The shop log says "Payment Pending" but it has said that for about a month.

I've never had trouble with IntelliShop before because I've only done the "Pays in 30 days," (which usually means 40 days).

Anyone else done this particular type of assignment and know what the time frame is? This seems a lot longer than their stated payment policy.

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They are one of the slower payers but I never fear that they will not pay. If you were told you would be paid sooner than normal I think you should remind them since you have large out of pocket costs.
I forgot to add they usually pay me near the end of the month so if it says payment pending there is a good chance you will be paid around the 26th.
Thanks for the reassurance. Although the payment pending appeared at the beginning of last month. I guess I'll have to contact them.
I have done several of these shops. If you completed the shop in May, you should have received payment in July. The deposit is another story. I had to request my deposit on several occasions before it was sent back to me.
How long does it usually say payment pending?

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I did one around the same time as you. I received an email last week indicating that they had been keeping the $100 deposit in case we wanted to do any more of these assignments this season. If we wanted to receive it back, we could request it and then send another deposit if we did any more of these. I requested to get it back and received it within four days.
Perfect. I just searched my email and found the message you were referring to. Hopefully I'll see the money again soon.

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