Does Strategic Reflections Monitor This Board?

For the past week or so I have been unsuccessful in logging into the Strategic Reflections website. I get an authentication error and my attempts to have them send me my password informaiton are also stymied since the link does not seem to work.

I checked their Facebook presence and it has not been updated since June and their Twitter page a lot longer than that.

I need to call them to see what's what. I haven't done a shop for them in two or three months but they always seem to have plenty of food shops in my area.

If anyone has the contact info for them, I would appreciate it.

Norm Ash

One buzzard to another while circling high overhead (paraphrased), "Patience hell! I want to shop somewhere."

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I have tried contacting them as well. I emailed but haven't gotten a response and it's been days.
Any MSC that knows about this board and doesn't monitor it is stupid. Even if they never comment, this is where their people are. Unsolicited comments are a gold mine...

Now that I'm off my soapbox, I haven't had any troubles when I've needed to talk with Strategic Reflections. Phones have always been answered (given that I called during business hours - that's another issue altogether), and payment has always been on time.

Maybe their login page is down - I'm currently logged in to their shopmetrics site - I hardly ever use their corporate site, as shopmetrics seems to be up all the time anyway.
You can call 866-518-6508 during their business hours. I have always had my questions answered.
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