Jancyn site down for maintenance

I just tried to get on Jancyn's site to input my report due at midnight tonight. It's down and says to check back in 24 hours. I had until 6 pm EDT to complete the assignment and it's just past 8 now. Guess they don't bother to let you know so you can sit around wondering what to do next.

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Don't know how, but I finally got through by clicking on their site in one of the e-mails they sent originally offering the assignment. I always retain these until my report is done and confirmed. At least I didn't have to wait until tomorrow.
The Service with Style site is down as well for maintenance with the exact same message. Maybe they are connected somehow.
There have been messages on many of the Prophet sites that it will be down for maintenance for weeks. The scheduled date was August 10th. It was even discussed on here almost a month ago.
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