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I believe my neice has just been scammed. She didn't tell me until she had completed one assignment. This is where they are supposed to pay $200 per job. They sent her $2,200 and told her to keep out her $200, then send the rest via Western Union to another mystery shopper. She says she was sent a cashiers check and was told to cash it at her bank which she did. They were supposed to contact her again Friday but did not, thank goodness, because it's all over the net about this kind of scam. I feel that in about a week, her bank will notify her that she has given them a bad check and that SHE is responsible for the entire amount. I didn't know all about this until I began reading on the net about scams. What do you think? Thanks, Eve

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Agreed. Warn your niece NOT to do any shops that require her to wire transfer money to ANYONE. That is where her big financial loss will occur. For the rest, she has just wasted her time on "shops" and hopefully whatever money she has spent she can return items she does not need for refund.
thanks, sad thing is she was just instructed to check Western Union out and that wouldn't be anything she could take back. I feel so bad for her as she really needs the money, but usually if something looks to good to be true, it usually is!!!
My 2 neices are quite intelligent women and I swear I can't get either of them to see that my one neice has been scammed! I just fear what will happen when the bank calls her and tells her she has to pay the $2,200 back. I am at a complete loss as to why in the world anyone would believe that a person would actually send a total stranger all this money and say "now you be honest, keep $200 and send the rest on to another Mystery Shopper". That in itself would have been enough for me to have ran the other way as fast as I could. Thanks for your imput. We'll just have to wait till the bank identifies the cashiers check as a forgery.
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