How the heck do I contact About Face???

Last week I self-assigned a shop to myself that was due yesterday. Within a couple hours of assigning it to me, I realized I would be out of town and needed to cancel it. I tried to do Live Chat but it said it was unavailable (even though it was during the regular chat hours). I sent an email requesting it be cancelled. Every day it still showed up in my log. I tried Live Chat again, still unavailable. Sent another email. Today I get an automated email stating that the shop is overdue. Tried Live Chat again, to no avail, and sent another email.

What the heck is going on with About Face? Anyone have a phone # for them? I don't want this to affect my standing with them. I've been trying to cancel for over a week now.

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I have called them before with no problems , try 678-989-2290

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I always look the companies up on my smartphone or on the computer and I always find a phone number to call. I had to cancel due to a serious health emergency on a weekend. I called and got someone and I was told what to do. There was no problem in return to the cancellation. I do not flake though.


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Who did you e-mail? I have e-mailed my scheduler when I've had scheduling issues, and she always gets back to me right away....

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I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
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