Informa is quite Impressive

With so many issues and complaints many of us have with companies, I thought I would share a positive story. I did 2 bank shops with Informa back in May that required me to establish an account with two banks via the Internet. For the shops, a rep from Informa set-up a meeting of sorts to log into my computer and make observations about the simplicity of the process and to see if certain statements were clearly visible or if someone who have to dig to find the information. There was no report for either shop and they paid very well. The accounts could not be closed in under 6 months without a penalty that was 1/2 of the small deposit I made and $7 would be deducted from the account each month as a "maintenance" fee if I did not carry a minimum balance or use direct deposit. Basically, the money I deposited is gone. The shop fee was generous on top of repaying any fees that were assessed for the small balance.
After the time frame for payment passed, I contacted them to see when I should expect the check. Well, wouldn't you know it. There was no record of either of these shops. Forget the shop payment...I was going to hit the roof over LOSING money establishing accounts with banks that are not within 50 miles of me. Several emails were exchanged with little progress. It seemed that all was lost. However, Donna with Informa hung in there with me to figure out what happened even though there was no record at all of me doing the shops. It took a few weeks, but she worked with me to solve the problem. Turns out, the person's FIRST NAME that I typically deal with for shops and the person's LAST NAME who did these 2 shops with me are the same name. What are the odds of that? As soon as we got the confusion sorted out, the payment request was immediately sent to accounting for payment.
It was nice to deal with a company who did not blow me off when I asked about payment for shops that had "disappeared". I have reasonable confidence that many companies out there would have not been so dedicated to solving a problem that was as strange as these shops were. Kudos to Informa....especially Donna!

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