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I went on a shop with Shared Insight to a local restaurant chain. I went over the directions about 10 times, clearly understood them, but when I went on the shop they closed the bar early, and that was one of the requirements of the shop. I had no way of knowing it would close earlier than the restaurant, and our reservations were in the time alloted. After I had spent $85 of my own money (not to mention the babysitter) on the shop and finished all of the requirements of the shop minus the bar visit, I promptly called to tell them that they closed the bar early so we couldn't finish that part of the shop. I offered to go back to visit the bar, or to do whatever it takes to get the information they need. They rejected my shop and would not work with me at all. They basically said I should have known that the bar closed before the restaurant because most restaurants work that way. I didn't realize that because the one restaurant that I worked at in the past closed the restaurant before the bar, and many places that I have visited do the same. So beware and make sure EVERYTHING will go as planned on your shop or you will lose your money.

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I've *never* heard of the bar closing earlier than the restaurant. Like you said, if there's any difference in closing time, it's the other way around.

I've only done the vitamin store audits for Shared Insight, and I've only done that three times. All three times I've seen it offered since joining S.I. My experience with them has been good. Minimal communication, but always when/what needed; and paid right on time according to their posted pay schedule.

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I bet this was the Japanese restaurant shop that required a bar visit either before the dining portion or after. I was reluctant to apply at this shop because there are some vague areas on the instructions. Also it tells you to get the name of all the person you interacted with or your shop could be invalidated.

I'm glad I didn't. You have every right to get mad and psst off because what happened is something off the hook. You should be paid for your efforts, I'm just not sure how reliable the people behind the company although I have done several yogurt shops with them and got paid.

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