Any work for Satisfaction Services?

I just completed a shop for them on Monday, raced home to complete it before midnight, submitted it and now I'm getting an email saying they never received my report and it's being deleted. They also charge for their "rated" shopping service stating that shoppers who pay -- I think $10 a year--get better and more shops. Anyone done this?

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They send an email confirming that a shop was completed. If yopu don't get that then the shop wasn't submitted completely. (Their submit partial/submit completed options can be confusing...)

I do a lot of shops for them. I don't pay to be a "highly rated" shopper. I get enough shops from them that I haven't felt I needed to do it.

I gather they are really seperate franchises--DC, houston and florida though I think DC and Houston are now owned by the same person.

I like working for them and I think they are fair.
I've done some shops with them before but not lately.

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I signed up with them a while back, but it's one that I often forget about since they don't ever send me emails. I've never actually done a shop for them. I just logged in and I do see one in my area, but they don't really give you any detail unless you apply for it. It is an "In Person Evaluation." Does anyone know what types of assignments fall under this category for this company? Thanks!
I have had good experiences with them but they do not offer many in my area. I've done the donation audits and thrift store audits. Pay is reasonable, reports are easy.
I have done only rush high-end jewelry shops for them but I have never seen any list of jobs available.
Although they called in or emailed me those rush shops, I have never been offered a bonus. When I
declined to do more, they have not offered anymore.

I have never bothered paying for their rated category. I don't think it is worth anything.
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