Premier service. Fastest feedback in the west

One hour 10 minutes.

From report submission to feedback in my inbox.

That's the fastest I've ever seen!

Well done!

EDIT: The report was accepted. Their advice was to spell out numbers below 10.

Mike T
Looking for shops in Western Canada

"Life is good because the alternative is forever "

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Had that happen yesterday too. But only 8 out of 10 for my grammar. I really need some grammar lessons. sad smiley
Hey prince just copy your narrative, paste it into a Word document, hit the Spell and Grammar check, and viola, you're good to go!

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I started doing that last month and it is sure helpful. Got all 10's after that..this is a true story, lol. winking smiley
Word is great for spelling checks, grammar checks and word or character counts. It makes it so much easier to write those narratives.
LOL--not viola (a musical instrument) but you meant the French word "voila" didn't you? smiling smiley

bestofbothworlds Wrote:
> Hey prince just copy your narrative, paste it into
> a Word document, hit the Spell and Grammar check,
> and viola, you're good to go!
Sure did mean voila, Jas! I should watch what I post at 1:26 a.m. *g* Should also practice what I preach and copy and paste it into Word for spell and grammar check purposes!
That's true! Technology will likely never replace humans completely (except in sci fi movies)...we hope!!!!
Shelly Wrote:
> However that error is unlikely to show up on a
> spell checker or grammar checker.
"Their advice was to spell out numbers below 10."

That's correct, but I just saw an online, so-called "grammar guide" have it wrong.... I don't know where some of this stuff comes from!

Just my opinion.... DO NOT rely on spell and grammar check programs to be accurate! They generally can't "read" context, and are just as likely to either let an error go by or tell you that something is wrong when it's not. For example, semi-colons are very useful pieces of punctuation, but many spell checkers spit them out. One of the biggest problems I've found is that they often can't recognize the difference between its and it's; they're, their, and there; between possessives and plurals, etc. I can usually read a long-ish piece of copy and know right off if the writer used spell and grammar check....

Best thing you can do if you're not sure about grammar and usage is to get a basic English grammar primer and a style guide. I've always used the "Chicago Manual of Style" for publication writing, but I'd guess that most MSCs go by the "AP Stylebook."

There's just no substitute for learning and knowing proper grammar, spelling, and usage so you don't have to rely on "spell check." That being said, I sometimes do use it, but not often. I proofread and edit my reports the old-fashioned way! And the best way to do that is to, if you have time, finish your report and save it, but don't submit right away. Then go back later and re-read it. You'll often catch things you didn't spot the first (or second) time around.

(What's really frustrating is to get "marked down" on a report, but your editor's comments are laden with errors of grammar and usage!)

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.

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I have had a few very quick responses lately from Premier Service, but tonights was incredible! I submitted my report (a fairly lengthy report at that) at 8:03PM MST. My results came back 19 minutes later at 8:22PM MST.

I cannot believe how fast the response was and I love getting feedback so quickly! Kudos to all of the editors at Premier Service. I am very impressed!
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