Ath Pet Store Shops

Has anyone seen/done the pet store shops from Ath? I was going to consider one since they are $18, but it says to expect the work to take an hour. So to me, Ath time that means more than an hour, and then there is the paperwork.

I also noticed the stores they have available are small "mom & pop" type stores, and I have no idea how anyone could do so much work in such a small store, and not be obvious. I've never spent more than 30 minutes in a pet store and that was when I was actually purchasing items!

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You are to go up and down every aisle in the store looking for all the promotions. Do not approach any salesperson/clerk in the store for help finding the promotions. There are many items listed on the forms, but not all items will be available in the store you are visiting. Any items you find on sale/promotion that are not on the preprinted list, must be entered at the end of the list. The client needs the same information: UPC code, manufacturer, product name, size, location, and type of promotion.

This sounds like a 2-for-1 like their bank shops. It sounds like a nightmare to me. Like a bad grocery shop but worse becuase it's in a small, personal store. They suggest taking your dog with you because nobody will bother you. If I go to my local pet store (rather than the chain stores) everyone is interested in my dog. It's just the way dog people are, they are interested in dogs. Not to mention I made myself laugh at the thought of taking my boxer-lab mix to a small pet store to do a shop like that! LOL
The past few months, I've received the emails, but they're for a large pet supply chain @ $18. By the time I get to the job board, they're gone. It sounds like the guidelines are similar to your mom and pops, and I'd be willing to do it if I could get one. A large chain would be an easier place to blend in, with or without Fido.
I guess that is not done here, as the only thing I have seen is the gone in a second toy store CC thing. But that sounds like a 10 foot pole shop, Susan.
Thanks for warning us. :-)

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I have always been amused by the pet stores here that encourage you to bring your pets along. My curiosity is how they would respond to bringing in a large goose on a leash smiling smiley With about a 6' wingspan, a powerful bill and a dislike of strangers it could be quite an experience. . .

I have taken goat babies out with me when they were still young enough they needed to be fed every couple of hours and I was going to be out for a while.

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I didn't get that email. Mine were rather due by the 6th so I ran them yesterday. Wonder if the one you got is due to a flake or somebody who did the shop but only spent $5 to get a receipt rather than following directions? Part of my round today were to return expensive useless-to-me merchandise for full credit back onto my credit cards.
These were shops emailed with specific instructions that they had to be done and submitted on May 10 - no excuses or request for date change. Don't think they were flaked or rejected. The payment was not bonused. It is unusual for shops to be scheduled on holidays though.
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