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I registered with this site and they sent me an email for a bank shop, opening a checking count. I've never done these before. Does this sound like a scam? Uou open the account with $1. They also said they are willing to negotiate bonuses. How do you approach that?

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These are legit shops, not a scam. These are easy shops. I've done several like this for them. As for negotiating a bonus, just decide what you would like to have and ask for it. If they accept it great, if not, they may counter offer.
Thank you barbage for the reply. It seemed so easy I just questioned it. Since its another town I think I may try to negotiate a higher fee. I'm still new to this and trying to find my path.
I love Strategic Reflections. Their reports are straight forward and when they need additional info they get to you quickly.
Open letter to Strategic Reflections- STOP with the daily, twice daily and more phone calls. I do not want the shop, it pays far too little. Emails ok but constant phone calls about the same shop over and over. Nuisance. Notifications allowed in profile say email not phone.
Yes the reports are easy but my time is not free.
most banks make you have a larger amunt to open an account...ALL the ones near me have a minimum 50.00 deposit....if you have one that only needs $1, that's a sure fire give away that you are a mystery shopper in my eyes.
Don't you just love the 'big' payment they offer for their burger shops. Without looking, I think it is $6. They contacted me to do one thirty miles away bonus: $15. I ask for at least $20. Plus, it require menu photos. Ha, you would have thought I peed in the schedulers cereal. Man, some of these schedulers .....Needless to say, I didn't take it for $15. I would have, had I had other shops to do in that direction.
I like this company and there has never been a problem with a shop or payment. Easy to contact if there are any issues. Their pay is comparable to other MSCs for the same work.
Come on Strategic Refections...... over a dozen phone calls and I say no every time I will NOT work for a $3 bonus on a shop
an hour away (one way). A $10 shop to begin with and then gas bonus of $3. I like the company for shops IN my travel area but not for a whole $3!
I'm currently having a bit of an issue with the company.

I got an email on September 6th, saying that shopper checks were mailed September 6th. When mine hadn't show up by the 13th, I emailed to let them know. They emailed back on the 16th, confirming that the checks had indeed been mailed on the 6th, and confirming my mailing address, which they had correct. They also said they'd forward my concern to the accounting department, and let them know to watch for a returned check.

I hadn't received a check or heard anything further from them by the 24th, so I emailed to let them know I was still waiting, and wondering what happens now? I never heard back, and emailed them a similar message October 3rd. Still waiting to see if I will get a reply.

I haven't had a payment issue with them before, and the scheduler for the last project I did (that this payment was for) was very nice to me when the client questioned my report. She contacted me by phone, we went over all the facts, she believed me and said she would 'take care of things'. Which apparently she did, since I was to be paid. I appreciated the time she took, and how she carefully went over all the facts in a neutral manner without accusing me of anything, and when it was obvious I was absolutely telling the truth (based on some specific and verifiable details) she took my side. She was very pleasant and conversational during the phone call.

I believe that they did mail the checks as said, but apparently mine was lost somewhere along the way... maybe on the way to the mailbox on their end, maybe at a post office somewhere along the way, maybe in a mail truck (I've seen stories about this actually happening over the years!), maybe stolen from my mail box. Whatever happened, I don't have my check. It's not a large amount of money... but I earned it, I need it, and I want it.

Maybe I should call them instead of emailing?

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
StromCloud I'm having the same problem. I haven't received my check either, I called them too, but they told me I would receive an email when they go out. I have yet to receive an email, I checked on the payment history for the statement and they were processed on the 1st. It's the 4th of October and I'm still waiting on my check also. My check is small also, but I still need my money, especially when I take the time to waste my ink, time and money to complete these shops for this company. "I WANT MY MONEY"!!!!!! An in that order. Keep me posted with what happens with your incident.
Hey StormCloud, I think you may as well call them. ( Just don't call them what I would be calling them at this point) It will be 30 days on Sunday, so they may need to a reissue check. I hate it when I have to chase MY money. Now I only do Direct deposit or PayPal. You are right, there have been lots of stories in the news about mailmen not delivering mail and when they die, the family finds bags of mail under the porch, kids stealing mail out of mail boxes, pranksters blowing up mail collection boxes. There are a dozen ways that it could have been diverted, besides the company screwing up. I hope your check finds its way to you soon. You also ebonygarder026
I think I will call on Monday... now I need to find their phone number!

Besides the bags of mail under the porch, I even remember a story where a letter was lost for years in some crevice in a mail truck. So who knows?

I wish they'd just offer Pay Pal!

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
Well, I am pleased to report that I received my check in the mail today!

It was dated September 26th, so apparently they did issue a new check.

But it's here! I can finally close out July payments in my spreadsheet. smiling smiley

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
How is their report for that NYC art house movie theater chain please???

With the old msc, the report was a bit long...

Many Thanks
I had the same problem only it was entirely my fault as I had forgotten to change my address in time. I called to let them know so they could resend it when it came back. They said it was sent to my new address. They told me someone in payroll would research it and call me. No one called. I waited over a month and called back. I had to explain it all once again. Once again they said someone in payroll would research it and call me back. They never called. I received my check a few days after making the second call. The aggravating part is about 2 or 3 weeks after depositing the check into my bank account, I received an email from them. It stated that I had cashed the check and they sent an image of the check. Well duh, I would have called back if I had still not received it. I emailed them back and politely told them that yes I received the check a few days after my second phone call to them and that it had been resent to my new address. It seems to me they are not communicating with each other at that company.
They fired me for telling their 7 time a day phone call scheduler to stop calling, I would log on if I wanted a shop. That sent them in a tizzy I guess.... no more 3 way Chili shops for me! My colon thanks you SR.
EandC that is the second post in your 26 total in which you have fired/been fired by an MSC...just sayin.
I got my check today for a shop done in August. The check was dated 9/30 and postmarked 10/10.
Ms.Baker Wrote:
> I like this company and there has never been a
> problem with a shop or payment. Easy to contact
> if there are any issues. Their pay is comparable
> to other MSCs for the same work.

I have also had a very positive experience with the company. The schedulers are friendly and polite and easy to get ahold of. I have always been paid correctly and on time for my work, and I have found the forms to be very simple and quick to complete. I would recommend this company.
EandCconsulting Wrote:
> "meh" some places are a fit, some aren't i can
> afford to be choosey.

<eye roll>
Sigh. WAITING for the "email" for payment for September work done. It's November. Not a happy camper. Wish everyone was as prompt as MF with PAYING.
Has anyone been paid for Sept work yet? I haven't seen an email or anything. Sent an email from their home page yesterday but no response yet.

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Maybe I am confused, but... It seems to me that this next check will be for September, usually they send an email about now.
Rob, that's correct, this next check that was supposed to be sent out a week ago.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
I like the company very much overall, but I don't like the automated phone calls I receive. I work at an office during the day, so they call me it goes to voicemail. I then get an automated message stating that "there are shops available in my area" and to call them. However, since it's automated they don't state the name, location or price of the shop. They are not quick to give bonuses, at least in my area. Other than that, no real problems.
i did 2 shops for the company and i dont like what im hearing. this is a new company to me. i usually do 1 or 2 shops for the place and when i get paid i willdo more. but if the check is late i will think about it. a month is long enough to wait for a check or a deposit in paypal. we will see what happens
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