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I do a few shops for them. They have paid me by check on a regular basis.

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
They don't have much in my area, unfortunately. They are a good company to work with - pay is decent and within stated terms. The schedulers are really nice, as well.
I have done work for them in the past with good results, although it has been a while since I completed an assignment. Does anyone have any recent experience with them? I completed an assignment over 2 days ago, and it still says, "in review." I am wondering if this is typical.
I have had assignments sit for a few days in review. It has never been a problem. I have had great experience with them, although they don't have much around here these days. I wouldn't worry.
Thanks, Teri. I could not recall how long it took to go through the last time I completed an assignment.
Aren't they only hiring shoppers in the UK right now?

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I do not know about the UK, but I have worked for them in the US. They don't have a lot of work in my area, but paid as agreed when I chanced upon some local work last year.
I have always been pleased to work with them. When I have had odd issues they have always been dealt with professionally and there have been some good chuckles along the way. Always paid in a timely manner. Kudos to these guys and especially Staci.
I did some <grocery> Shops for them and did receive payment on a timely basis

Hey philface38, welcome! Don't forget to not violate your IC agreement. Also there's a forum rule (almost the only one) about not linking client and MSC. Thanks! smiling smiley
I as well did their grocery shops, but somehow lost contact and haven't worked for them in ages. They were a good company back in the day.

Live consciously....
I work for TNS in the UK and have always found them to be excellent, pay on regular date and pay mileage as and when required plus bonuses for some jobs. I would highly recommend them.
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