CoRI Website -- How can I select a date if the calendar isn't live?

I have not worked for CoRI before and using their website is just too painful.

After 15 minutes of waiting, I get kicked off and there are still 8 people ahead of me.

I got an (automated) email from them stating that I am a back up shopper for a certain hardware store and the shop is now available that I need to select a date to do the shop.

The shop is listed in my in basket but the calendar is not live.

How can I select a date if the calendar is not live?

Any suggestion?

Yes, I am using Internet Explorer 10.


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I am not able to answer this. Use the search function on this forum because last week there was a thread about selecting dates on Cori.
this company/site is going straight to "you know where".....I am sick of NO dates ever being avail and having to get somebody on chat IF you can....on Sat AM NOBODY was on chat even though it clearly says they are supposed to be...nobody ever answers when you have to leave a far I've been trying since they opened this morning to get somebody on chat.....just constant kick offs....very sad.....
Their calendar is really confusing. I have yet to do a shop for them, because it is a pain to sign up. As far as I can tell, the green part of the calendar is when they want the shop done, but you cannot schedule it until you are within 3 days of the date. Some other people say they have called to schedule shops, so you could always try that too. Their system seems glitchy for me. Sometimes it will say it needs to be done today, but you still can't pick a date and check out with the assignment.
Amabillis, I have the same problem everytime they tell me that the shop is now available (back-up). I click on it and no dates available. I have been wondering also. I once got the email, when I was online with them, and still no available date. I hope someone can clear this up for us.
Same here! I've emailed them 3 times and have been kicked out of their perma-hold online chat twice. I'm so glad I wasted my time getting certified for these companies. The only ones that will let me select a date pay $9. No thanks!

Shopping Colorado since early 2012
I have read some good stuff about them here -- namely that they have alot of shops (and according to their listings they do have a lot in my neighborhood) and that they pay quickly.

I really want to shop some of their clients. AND I really like that they pay quickly

But if the website is such a hassle and you can't get ahold of them (Their chat is a joke!) . . . But still I would like the opportunity.

I've been shopping with CORI for many years and I'm getting pretty sick of this problem too. I'm constantly getting emails about high paying shops but when I add them to my basket there aren't dates available for a month....
Agreed. I've recently added them to the cart and then went to choose a date and...there were none available! Would you like this shop done or not?
Amabillis, hang in there. Though problems, sometime exist, they are great to shop for. The dates are confusing, but pay is usually weekly.
Sooo . . . everyone has these problems. There are not any secret handshakes . . . How does anyone get any shops to do?

I don't see a telephone number for shoppers to call.

I sent an email and received an auto reply stating they would contact me within 24 or 48 hours.

Why are people shopping for them? Am I missing something?
I love Cori and shop for them weekly. No problems here. You can't select a date because of the rotation. Look for a green date and call or email a scheduler.

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I can't speak to the Backup status date selection process - never done one as a backup. I agree that the system overall seems to be getting glitchier again, and that some of the new reps are still on the steeper portion of the learning curve, but they have tended to offer more details to explain the peculiarities of the system than I ever learned before.
Had eleven shops on hold for several weeks. 9 were resolved over the weekend, two requiring a resending of photos. One is still sitting there.
Out of three phone calls placed to them in the past month, two were resolved in one try, the third after calling a second time. 800-977-8943
Two weeks ago I did my 1000th shop for them, with 22 more done since then. My direct deposit this week from Cori will be $437.05, about 12% of that being reimbursement.
I'll grit my teeth and endure the glitchiness, will patiently teach and learn from their editors and schedulers, and will gut it out waiting on the sometimes stalled shop-approval process for just half that weekly deposit (which would be an average week for me with them.)
To keep your shops from going on hold, make sure you use internet explorer. I learned the hard way myself but luckily was able to fix everything. Chrome looks like it transfers the information but it doesn't.

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.
There is a phone number for cori in one of these threads. Call them. They will tell you the available dates and will schedule it for you.
I copy whatever I post for the live chat. If I get disconnected I copy it into a message. I list the shop(s) in question and ask when the next available shop dates are. Sometimes I give them the dates I would like to do the shops if I'm trying to make a route and they go ahead and get them set up on their end.
Can someone explain the internet explorer issue. I always use chrome, haven't used internet explorer in years.
Cori only wants IE used for report entry. Additionally, they want an older version of IE to be used. If you have a newer version and are having trouble with the input of reports, click the compatibility button in the address window at the top of the browser. Some people have been successful sometimes with other browsers, but it's hit or miss, and when anything goes wrong, they'll blame it on you for using the wrong browser (the browser used is automatically appended to the report that you submit.)

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