Has Harland Clark recently cut their fees?

They used to offer some of the best paying, easiest bank shops around but the last week, all the scheduler emails I've gotten are offering $20 plus $5 "on time" bonus instead of $30 plus $5 bonus. Still a decent fee for a quick shop, but that's a 30% cut! Ouch...

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No they just start out that rate at the beginning of the period. They'll go up. The $20 + $5 is their usual starting price.
Not here. The ones in my area start at $35 minimum, plus the $5 on time bonus. I've seen them get up to $35 plus $75 on time bonus. Their super high fees are the reason they're one of my favorite MSCs. I also love how they pay for mileage.
Their pay varies based on the complexity of the assignment (facility, drive-through, teller, and/or SR2 evaluations) and how close they are to their monthly deadline. They used to raise the base fees over the course of the month, but in the past 6-12 months I've noticed the base fee stays low and the on-time/satisfactory bonus is what gets significantly bumped up.
I wish they would give more information in their emails. I keep getting the emails but they give no indication of what type of shop it is in the emails. I don't know if it's for customers only or non-customers, or what. Or what the scenario is or product we're inquiring about. They give NO information, and they don't have a job board or anything you can look at to maybe get some more info or look at instructions or anything. I would love to do shops for them, they have TONS in my area or close enough to travel if I could grab 3-4 of them, but I like to know what I'm getting myself into first.

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bgriffin: Most emails I receive from Harland Clarke indicate "must be account holder to shop" or "member only" if that's a requirement; those that don't include statements like that typically do not require you to be an account holder. I'd encourage you to email the scheduler and ask about the shops in your area. Likely that person can send you a sample narrative and more information. Once you do a couple of shops for them, it will all start to make sense. smiling smiley
Thy can be narrative heavy (compared to other bank reports), however, they have a great shopper's handbook that explains step by step what are you required to do. Also, the HC team will talk to you on the phone, to confirm that you are ready. I, personally like picking up assignments for them.
Grab one and see how it goes. That is my motto for every single offer, except for the "horror" ones I read about on this forum (Ikea, anyone?).
You have to submit an invoice to be paid, then turnaround time is 2-3 weeks after invoice submission, in my experience. I have only been working with them for a few months now but they are one of my favorites. Good pay, straightforward assignments, quick payment terms, and REALLY nice schedulers. Two thumbs up from me...
I haven't received any emails from Harland Clarke for a few months now... Is anyone still getting recent emails for shops?
I started doing shops for Harland Clarke at the beginning of April. I have currently submitted 9 shops and I am starting to get concerned about the length of time it takes to get paid. I just need to hear one more time from someone that this company is ok. Please share.

Also, can anyone give me a name of other companies who do mystery shopping for banks. This is my area of expertise and I am considering finding more opportunties. Thanks in advance.
Try the Search function and be sure to change it from the 30 day default to all dates. Just using they keyword Banks should bring up a lot of threads.

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I work for them every month and they pay every month. I never had to chase a payment. Make sure to submit the invoice and the mileage.
The invoices are processed on Monday's and Tuesday's and sent to the accounting dept. The checks are usually issued the end of the following week and you should get a check within a few days from then. If you wait to submit the invoice after Monday night then it'll usually add a week to when you get paid.

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