Where are Restaurant Cops shops?

Hello fellow shoppers!

I signed up with Restaurant Cops 6 weeks ago, and I have yet to see any jobs available to me. I'm in Colorado, but I also searched in Texas, where they're based, and still saw nothing.

Thanks for your feedback! I've emailed them, and got no reply.

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They lost a couple of major clients not long ago, one of whom was a long time client. I've only seen a couple of assignments over the past few months.
I emailed a couple of months ago about seeing nothing and they lost the client they had in my area.
If you are signed up with every company on the list on the page you will find more.
From our ICA we are not allowed to share.

ShopperFun99 Wrote:
> Which MSC's does fine restaurants besides CHG?
There's nothing wrong with sharing a category of shops, such as 'fine dining' or 'oil changes'. Just not specific clients.

That said, since I'm not interested in fine dining, I don't know. smiling smiley

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
They have a client in Houston. I haven't gotten to shop them yet because by the time I get around to logging on to their site, someone has always beaten me to the lunch and dinner shops leaving only breakfast and late night.
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