Giving social security number online

I have been asked by several companies to give my social security number online.
I hesitate because it is online and I do not know the company.
Is this legitimate? Have any of you done this?
There is a post saying Sassie cannot register
you anymore if you don't give the social security
number. Something of that effect.
Thanks for your input!

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This is legitimate, and I have provided my SS# to about 150 companies over the 6 years I have been shopping and have not had any problems. If you want to mystery shop for most companies, you will be required to provide them your SS# so they can pay you after you complete an assignment. One note: never provide your personal info to any company or individual in an e-mail. Always enter your data on their website as part of their registration process.
Thank you Austin mom! Just one question. If you get a 1099 why do they need your social security?
They cannot issue a 1099 without using your SSN!

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Because the SS# is your identifier when they report the earnings on the 1099. If you happen to earn less than $600 you will not get a 1099 but the company 's records will reflect how much money was paid to the holder of that SS#. Regardless of how much you earn, the company is required to keep records for tax purposes.
Gotcha. They mentioned another form that is why I was confused. Just with all this identity theft around I want to be careful.
That is good advice from the above posters.
I started last month and have been joining companies. I do not search random on line for companies. I do double check with searches. I take companies recommended here at the list on the bottom and mspa
I made a profile at shadowshopper and have received four emails for job offers there. I then double check the company before I signup. BBB also has a verification page. I use that to verify location and things of that nature I also subscribed to mystery shopper magazine from this site where they do monthly reports. Not sure about a company? Use the search engine here to see what has been said. All this helps to insure you sign up with quality companies.
So far the biggest issue I have is taking time to signup only to find no jobs in my area. It is not a waste of time as the situation for them may change at anytime.
Just like any other business or project, taking time to do research is vital to being successful.
I have provided my social security to over 100 companies in the last 6 years and have had no issue. Of course I check they are reputable companies first. However, they are required by law to provide you with a 1099 if you earn over $600 (and hopefully you will) and they cannot do that without your social security. Some companies will accept an EIN number instead so if you're really uncomfortable with it try signing up with an EIN instead.
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