I registered with this company and seem to be stuck on the wrong page when I log in. Has anyone else had this problem? It won't let me click through to anywhere else.

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Kinesis does not have a job board, as it uses a scheduling company. After the shopper gets an assignment from the scheduling company, the Kinesis site is used to submit a report. Kinesis will comment on submitted reports on their site.
I have used Kinesis recently but I probably will not use them again and this is only for the simple fact the shopper login page is not user friendly. Other mystery shop companies have a real database that one can get useful information regarding payment, when disbursements occur, shop opportunities, how to contact someone, anyone. Kinesis has nothing; you get redirected back to the same useless page of information. You do not hear from the company after submitting the shop, the only communication is when the shop is rated and then silence. It seems very one-sided; just my opinion.
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