Suggestion for BARE

First of all I really enjoy working for this company. They provide great feedback and there's always jobs available. My only suggestion for improvement is to be notified when I get bumped out of a pending application. For most MSC using Sassie, I get an e-mail that my application was assigned to another shopper, or I got bumped for another reason. On more than one occasion I've requested a shop and 2 days later it's not there anymore. I never get notified as to why. Also I understand if I shopped the same location before that there may be a waiting period before shopping again, but in these instances the shop guidelines clearly stated "No restrictions on these shops."

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They just liked another shopper more than you. Everybody hurts, sometimes. IMX the announcement that it has been closed is hit or miss depending on motivation level of the scheduler.

up, up, down, down, left, right,left,right, B,A, start.
Shocking update. I did an assignment for Bare and they paid me all the expected fees and reimbursements!!!!

Oh wait---that is not shocking as I have had the same result for every shop I have done for the last five years.

Bring on more shops!
dont -trust-bare Wrote:
> Bare probably
> would have wormed out of paying you

They are trustworthy and always, always pay the agreed upon amount. So stop working for them...more shops for the rest of us that DO TRUST BARE! It was silly to think they were going to give you a bonus for a 9/10 shop anyhow. That's just weird. If that was the case, they wouldn't give you a 9/10 ever!
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