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Has anyone ever worked for []?

Their website also uses the name Daymon.

Their website seems very thorough and they appear to have job opportunities available outside of mystery shopping. However, I haven't read anything about them in the mystery shopping world and want to make sure they are legit.

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Be careful - Daymon has several branches - mystery shopping (Caliber), events (Interactions Marketing), sampling (CDS). CDS are employees. Caliber are independent contractors. Some of the brand ambassadors for Interactions Marketing were transferred to employee status and some are still independent contractors. I'm not sure how the company decided, but you can't be both an employee and an independent contractor. I used to do events for them but I was transferred to an employee, which would have been fine except I could no longer perform mystery shops (mainly grocery). I had to choose the grocery shops over an occasional event. Yet, my friend still does events as an independent contractor. Makes no sense.
I have been shopping for over 6 years with various companies and this is the only one that I will absolutely not work for. I did grocery shops for them and they refused to take one because they couldn't read my receipt. They gave me 2 hours to send a better copy in (it was printed on a cash register that was very light) and I didn't even check my computer within those 2 hours. I kept trying to get someone to answer an email and I was just ignored.
They are "legit" BUT....have some strange procedures. An "extra" company does their scheduling and sometime things are a mess....not easy to get ahold of schedulers and sometimes their instructions don't match....
This is one of the companies that I am registered with and have done many shops for them. I don't highly recommend them because it varies greatly between shops what the pay and expectations are. For example, I did one shop at a smoothie shop that took 10 minutes max, really easy survey and I got paid $18 but I have done over a dozen for them at a major, major grocery store chain going to at least 10 locations for them and the pay is very poor, you spend half an hour in the store, interact with about 8 people, getting all their names and descriptions, have a very very long survey to do, have several areas of the store to check and they do not reimburse your THREE required purchases at all. One is not even returnable so you hardly break even for doing the shop.
Arch Stanton Wrote:
> What happened with their grocery chain shops????
> Have not seen them posted this year...

the ones I usually do or have done for them are still available to me
I've only done the smoothie shop and the sample shops and I thought they couldn't be easier.
I would take these an day of the week...
I get emails with tons of the grocery shops. I have done so many im on Andrew's preferred list but I wish to get off of it! The grocery chain ones are scheduled by Summit Scheduling. The pay is very low for the amount of work both in the shop and after as well as the three purchases. Plus, many of mine are during prime shopping times like weekends or evenings when I really don't want to be in the grocery store. I think this shop should pay at least $25 and reimburse you something for your two of the three required purchases.

Now the "smoothie juice" shops I could do every day of the week.
I've had terrific expericences with schedulers, but not so good with editors. I don't typically communicate much with editors (no news is good news!) but with this company, multiple times my communication with the editing folks has been curt, incorrect and inappropriate.

They also have a system with uploading receipts. You have to upload the receipt AND email it in case their system does not work properly.

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In PA they stopped the grocery store shops last November. I'm hoping another place picks it up that I'm registered with. I made excellent money on them as well as getting groceries that I normally would buy anyway for free.
I've evaluated the CDS employees as an independent contractor. I love the shops! They're fast, easy and pay pretty quickly. I had many months of consistent work, but I had to skip one a couple of months ago and haven't been able to get back in. My scheduler is very reachable and answers all of my e-mails, though.

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
I do the occasional shop for them. My biggest beef is with the schedulers, they send out a blast on how they need someone right now and I tell them what locations I can assist with. then I never hear back from them. I apply for the shops on the board but they stay under "Applied for" status. I just delete the blast emails now and go on their board to see if they have fill in shops that might help a route. If I get one, great. If not, no big loss.
tgihvaa--The last one I applied for still says "Applied" although in the past assigned jobs have been changed to "Opportunity no longer available." I'm wondering if there's not some issue with the website.

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
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