Regal hospitality. Some questions

It's never clear in Regal's instructions if I'm allowed to bring a friend to the bar or buffet evaluation. And if I am allowed, would they reimburse for one or two people? I've done one bar for them but I went there alone.
Also does anyone happen to know how to contact their schedulers if I want to request additional information about the shop I see on a board.
And finally, what's their CHE? How do you get approved for it.

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Thanks Linda,

CHE is Certified hospitality evaluator p, certification that they talk about on their website
LindaM Wrote:
> I think the email starts with something planner.
> You can bring a guest. What's CHE?
Oh, I didn't know that was required to do their hotels. I have always been able to self assigned them.
I don't think CHE is a requirement for their hotel shops. I am not sure what is it all about, thought I would ask if someone else knows.
Typically they list the contact point in the event. This is typically something like planner at, but may vary slightly. Everything with them is based on experience, just like most other companies. They are slightly different in that a lot of their shops are integrity based. That requires a lot of trust both from the shopper's standpoint (reimbursement) and companies standpoint (integrity/cash issues). There shops do become more complicated the more you do, but in a good way. Just keep taking their shops and eventually you can work your way up!
Jas. Bond 007 comments in Issue #43:

For newbies I give this company a D. I would not recommend Regal Hospitality Group to a new shopper because of all the potential problems.

BOB'S opinion:

I totally agree and add that a 90+ day wait for reimbursement is completely unacceptable.

Jes. Bond continues:

On the other hand, for an experienced shopper, I would grade Regal with an A, and encourage the shopper to add Regal to their list of MSC’s, assuming that Regal had shops in areas frequented by the shopper.

BOB'S reply:

I slightly disagree, due to the 90+ day wait for reimbursement; I'd award a "B."

I completed 3 shops for Regal in the last decade, but nothing was available for a few years in my area. In 2011, I accepted a job, but upon learning they had greatly extended the payment period, I both canceled the work and requested de-activation. Any time an MSC waits 3+ months to pay, they either have a cash flow problem or have chosen to use my funds as an interest free loan; one's bad and the other certainly isn't good.

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