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I did a costly shop for this company and they refused to pay. In addition, the scheduler was nasty and rude to me.

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To add credibility to your post please provide more information. What reason did they give you for not paying.
Hi, reneelec, welcome to the forum. It is never a happy feeling to learn you are not getting paid for a shop. Many of us have successfully performed assignments for Customer Service Experts. Some of us have probably performed the same shop that you had difficulty with. Please provide some detail about the shop you performed and what response the company gave when you completed and submitted your report. With a little information, we can try to help you figure out what went wrong .
I've done multiple golf courses for them and have been paid for all ofthem. A few of the narratives had to be redone but they are great
I have had very good experiences with them. Of course, I've done so many with them that I know exactly what they are looking for - never any problems. But yes, it can be very frustrating when companies have such absurd guidelines and if you forgot to look at the color of the employees' socks, you don't get paid...
I have done about 50 shops for them and never have had any problems. I find the schedulers are exceptionally nice and the editors will reply to your emails. I have had to add some things to my reports now and then--one editor is really a stickler about things and asked me to comment more on about 6 questions. I got a 9 instead of a 10 on that report, but I'm not complaining. They pay well and pay around the 2nd or 15th of the month.

Rick: I haven't noticed that this company or their clients have absurd guidelines. I have never not been paid by them.
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