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Hello and Happy almost Christmas!

I have an early morning shop in a town 12 minutes from home and trying to link up other shops. I thought I'd take a quick look to see if there's any other shops with new mystery shop companies. I came across one with Premier Service Inc.. There are a few companies with similar names and some seem to be disreputable but this one seems like it's legitimate. I was just wondering if anyone has used this company and if so, did all go well (read: get paid) ?

Thanks in advance!

* I enjoy this forum SO much*

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I like premierservice inc

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Premier Service is one of my top premier MSCs. They are golden in my book. They have always respected me as a shopper even when I was a rookie, almost 10 years ago. They have given me their support many, many times during times when MSCs are expected to be always on the side of the client. I recommend them highly.

Their schedulers and editors are friendly and accommodating. They pay around the middle of the next month of the shop. There had never been any pay issue.

With them, your record and reputation is your badge. It is inspiring to work with people who value your service and make you aware of it.
I agree, I work for them monthly. They are a Canadian company.

Always take the high road.
I will echo what others have said. They are the company I started shopping with, and are still my favorite by far! The schedulers are easily accessible and always very helpful when needed. I have always been paid on time (now the 18th of the month). Their editors are prompt and provide good feedback. I would highly recommend them.
Canuck Wrote:
> Do they only offer jobs in Canada?

I believe so, yes.

Always take the high road.
I too agree with 'risinghorizon' and others -- Premier Service is the most supportive, accommodating company I MS for.
Hey prince! I've only "road-tripped" to Camrose once - now Wetaskiwin, that's a whole other story!
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