Payment from Reality Check?

I had read that Reality Check pays on the 28th, but I read on their site that they pay the last week of the month (which ends tomorrow, obviously).

Can anyone tell me if they're received payment yet or when they typically do? I have a ton of their grocery shops scheduled for the very first part of January and I really don't want to do them if I have a huge sum that hasn't been paid to me, you know?

I was paid (very) early for October's shops, but I think that was because it was their first month of the project and they were trying to make a good impression for all the new shoppers. I trust them, but I also spend a ton of time and money driving around and inputting these shops, so...better safe than sorry.

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I have not been paid yet for 2 shops from November. They usually always pay me at the end of the month for shops done the previous month. A few times it was the 1st or later. Likely for shops done early January you will be paid the end of February. I have never had a problem getting paid from them.

I am not seeing on their main site any info on when then pay. Where are you seeing it? I just see the 30-60 day timeframe on their Sassie log-in page: []
Yeah, I just see the "30-60 day" thing on Sassie, but I asked my scheduler a few weeks ago and she said it was the last week of the month. Hopefully it'll be tomorrow. smiling smiley
I usually get paid within the first 5 days of the month from them
I shop for them every month and my last payment was on Dec 4
I'm expecting mine tomorrow. They quite often pay on the very last day of the month. Once they paid at 11:55 pm on the last day of the month! smiling smiley But never late.

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