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Tonight I signed up as a mystery shopper at Expert Solutions. I took all the tests and got a shop in <a Furniture store> in my cart. When I tried to choose a date for the shop, all dates were either green or red - no blue or white ones. It would not allow me to chose a date. Does anyone have an idea if I am doing something wrong or misunderstanding the process?

Mod note: You look new here at our forum. Welcome! But please remember to not post the name of the client (the furniture store) in the same post as you've named the MSC. Thanks!

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It means that the shop is not open yet. The earliest day you can do this shop is not within 3 days range. I know it's confusing system. Wait for a couple of days and try again.
PS: please remove the name of the client in your post.
If you email them, they'll be sure to help assign you the project. I had the same issue and 10 minutes later they had assigned me to the project I wanted.
Could someone send me the url address for Expert Solutions? I am having trouble finding it on the web.
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