My job board is down to one gas station and the bedding store. What is going on with this company? I earned the most from this MSC in 2012, down in 2013, and now...the board is pathetic. I know early in the year, it's slow but I hope the shops appear soon.

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Same here except worse. A few furniture stores and very old treat stores that aren't paying enough (2)

Sad sad. I made quite a few bucks from them. sad smiley
Maybe becasue it is the end of the month and Feb shops have not posted? I may be entirely wrong, since it's eons since I shopped for them, though.

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I wonder if the transition to Stericycle caused friction with the clients. Business is built on relationships. CORI most likely had one account manager who worked with one or two people on the client end. With the departure of the account manager, the client may have no longer felt loyal to the MSC and decided to shop out their business once they reached their contract term. Would explain the departure of other clients.

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All I have seen here are the 2 types of B, B and B shops along with the gas station/carwash combo that also entails an ADA compliance shop. There are a few other types of shops - low pay - too much time wasted for the pay.

BTW February has been up for a while - at least here - its worse than January - maybe as this month's end nears, it will have more - maybe..........

Even their schedulers report they have no idea what is going on.
I have some book stores and an apartment complex showing on mine, in addition to the normal baby/home retailer. It's still lighter than it was before.
i see 2 different gas station brands for february

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Has anyone seen the gas station loyalty card shops? I actually did a fair number of these since CoRI/Steri does direct deposit and pays weekly, and I'm wondering where they went. Especially since I printed some extra forms by mistake and kept them around for the next time they came up...
I see the loyalty shops for February but they can't be assigned yet.

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The only shops that I have done for them are the hardware , the pool, and the recliner shops. Now that they no longer have the hardware there is not much for me. Its a shame because the shop fees for the Hardware shops were excellent once they escalated.
I was talking to several of their schedulers via email yesterday, and they insist they still have the home improvement company as a client . I can only hope so.
I'm not sure about that. I am guessing that Maritz is going to win this one.

buteos Wrote:
> I was talking to several of their schedulers via
> email yesterday, and they insist they still have
> the home improvement company as a client . I can
> only hope so.

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Not necessarily a done deal. Compare the amount still sitting with zero takers.
Without a bonus they might never get taken. With missing stores the box store might re think the company.

mrcomputer101 Wrote:
> They already have...
Maritz never had any shops for me in my area until now. I am glad to see the DIY store since I am at the store every week. However, not sure if the schedulers really know if they have lost a client. I have worked with several schedulers that are not really up to speed on the job they are recruiting for, let alone what is going on inside the wall of the company they are recruiting for.
I just saw a shop on their site where you have to drive to the location. Check out the product, interact with the employee including asking questions and asking to be shown similar products, then taking a photo of the product. Then you go home and call the location on the phone to ask about shipping policies and then you enter the report and upload all the marketing materials you were given. Pay $5.00.
jp -
Was that a Feb. shop? If so, the price will go up, though the increase may not come until ten days into the new month.
The only shops I have seen here are one gas station and one bedding company. That is it! No chicken, no dairy treats, no hardware....nuthin'.
Bedding and furniture are the only ones here. It's a sad day for me. sad smiley Cori was my bread and butter.
I got accepted to this MSC today and there was maybe 20 shops on the board. It was kinda annoying to have to take all those certification tests just to see the shop details. It must have taken me close to 3 hours to get through all their tests and reading and watching those videos. So, they have like 4-5 clients in my area as far as what I can see. The big bedding place, the car wash place, a baby store and a recliner place. The bedding place would take at least an hour when all is said and done for a whopping 5.00 plus reimbursement of 8.00. I wish I could see that before I wasted my three hours. I know that they pay on e a week but 5.00? It's not even worth the drive for that.

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Historically, as the month rolls on, the rates gradually rise - $5 shops become 7, 10, 12, 14, 18, and then $20 or more .....IF no one else accepts them at the lower rate. So keep an eye on the website.
Will do, thanks smiling smiley

Floating around like a feather hoping the wind will set me down somewhere awesome.
While they start low, that company has also provided me with a few of my highest paying shops.
That is great to hear. I have to do like 2 shops to make up for all those tests hehe

Floating around like a feather hoping the wind will set me down somewhere awesome.
Oh, I finally got around to doing one of those housewares shops for them at $30 and some change. I won't do another one for less. Horrific!

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