Insula Menuboard Price Audits

Is anyone else doing these? I cannot get the silly form to submit. It doesn't like my 1.99 Strawberry Lemonade and it doesn't like it blank either.

Insula support is a class act! They responded and fixed the problem within 2 hours. The scheduler even tried to duplicate my issues and had troubles himself. He reported to manager and viola...fixed. 2 hours!!!!! I am shocked. Fastest response from an MSC support desk ever!

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Try putting .01 in the price box, and then the real price with the product in the comment box below along with a comment about not being able to submit it any other way.
I complete dozens of these shops every round. It seems like the forms are a tad messed up during the first few days, as they won't accept several prices. I just end up putting those in the comments sections until they fix the forms.

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Ditto to both. However, I have found Dave's Daughter's to have fewer flaws than the exception-riddled Arches this time.

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Leaving the box blank with the comment in the box "The price listed on the menu board was xx.xx but the system would not accept this value" will probably work better than putting .01, since they have preset mins and maxes for each product that will kick that amount back as an error. I have never had an issue or had a report sent back using this method, and I have done a LOT of these audits. smiling smiley
No method worked for these. I contacted the help desk and in 2 hours had an email that it was resolved. It was a glitch in their system. The help guy said he duplicated what I did and got the same results. It just wasn't submitting no matter what was in the boxes.

He escalated the problem, after he figured out I was not crazy, and got it resolved in minutes.
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