BEWARE- Mystery Shoppers Inc.- BEWARE

This is really a bad month for me and payments. First, Intelli now this. Well THIS is WAY worse and I am officially done with this company. This concerns, Trish the owner of Mystery Shoppers Inc.

It all began when she asked me to pick up a last minute shop with a $5.00 bonus. I did because I'm a committed shopper. AFTER I completed the shop she tells me she actually needed another location completed. She said not to worry and told me I would be paid for the original shop I already completed. The new shop that she needed to be completed, I had actually already applied for on the job board. It was again another $5.00 bonus. 10 minutes later she assigns me the same shop but without the $5.00 bonus. When I get on the job board to check this, I realized the $5.00 bonus one was gone. So she, issued me another shop without the $5.00 bonus and cancelled the one with the $5.00 bonus to avoid paying the bonus. Well, I didn't think this was right. Especially, because I was doing her a favor. So, I politely emailed her about this matter and questioned the situation. She replied back with a NASTY e-mail and said if I couldn't complete the shop then she would find someone who could. I replied back saying that I didn't think that was professional or ethical and I politely asked her to cancel it. Well, she canceled it. The day went on and towards the end of the day she sends me another e-mail saying that another shop I had done for the same client was being reviewed. I asked her why. She said that there wasn't a donation center at this location. There was a little bit of confusion with this matter but that's another story. Anyways, long story short… she said I didn't donate items to the retail store at the donation center that was down the road. I DID. In fact I did!!! I even said to her, how do you prove the donation receipt with the correct address? Where would I get that from. She replied back, I don't know how or where you got that but I'm canceling the shop and your not getting paid. I am APPALLED at this matter!! I can't believe she's not paying me for a shop I FINISHED correctly! I even told her to view the video footage! It's mighty ironic that she is saying "I didn't donate items" and is taking a shop away from me hours after I had told her that I wouldn't do a shop for her because she took away the $5.00 bonus that I originally applied for.

I can't believe this lady. This company is VERY unprofessional and just plain LOW. I am warning all you shoppers, if you continued shopping with them, I would be mighty careful when you declined a shop for them. They might take away something else from you!

Does anyone ave advise on how I should handle this matter? I would like to get paid for my completed shop, but since Trish is the owner and she's the one denying my payment, I'm stuck. I thought abut reporting her to the MSPA, etc. Please ADVICE ME.

Thanks for reading!

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Deactivate yourself from this MSC and consider this a learning curve. It has happened to all of us, but we must move forward with our profession, and be selective of who we represent.
Well what lesson do you take from this? To not work for certain companies? I've never had a problem with this company before.

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