Weird email from Bare

I have been approved for a shop I did not apply for! It is around a thousand miles away!
I've replied letting them know I did NOT apply for the shop.
Has anyone else gotten an email like that? I never have before with any company.
Could they just be hoping we will accept it anyways?

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I think I know what is going on. I clicked on a shop to see what it was about. It appears they assigned it to me based on that!

"Thank you for showing interest in completing one of our **** shops. Your selected shop(s) has now been added to your shopper log."

So if you click on a shop to see what it is about they assign it to you?
They emailed me back saying I must have mistakenly applied for it. I've never mistakenly applied for a shop.
You needed to chose a date. I don't think anyone could accidentally choose a shop then accidentally choose a date.
Nah..I've clicked and haven't been automatically given a shop. They are full of baloney I think.

It could be a computer glitch too. Sh** happens!

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