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I would love some clarification on Shared Insight points system. Last year, I had a certain amount of points. I have done three shops in the last six months or so; all on time all without problem, and yet my points remain the same. Anybody else had the same issue? Do these points even mean anything?

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I've done three shops with them and never earned any points... So I guess they oly do it when they feel like it...
I've done a bunch of shops for them and never gotten any points. I started with them September 2013.
Okay, so it seems that they really don't use the point system then. At least, that is my theory. I love the company and their shops, I just want to make sure I am earning those points...if they mean something.
couponmoseley, go to your Shared Insight page and click on your points number (the actual number). It's clickable. It'll take you to a page that explains how they calculate your points.

FYI, last year I had to cancel a shop with them and lost two points. So that number will change if you screw up.
I've done successful shops for them and had not problems but I still have a 0 for my shopper points. I keep checking to see it changes but it doesn't.

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