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I'm fired up and this is a long post!
Can any of you believe that I am still being tied up with 3 targeted apartment community shops accepted in early February 2014? Well, I did finally get a target to say that she would meet me at a site and show it; only thing is that someone else came in her place, so I shopped and did the report on that one. By the way, that target had left the original location that was on the guidelines, found that out after 3-4 weeks after making calls.

Meanwhile, one of the other two targets said definitively that someone else would meet me at the site and show it. That target scheduled someone else to meet me at the property and show it. When I learned that, I didn't go there. I submitted the report, but it's on hold pending word from the client about getting this target to show properties.

For the third one, I called back to confirm that the target would be there and a staff told me the target is a Manager who does not show apartments. When I learned that, I didn't go there.

Then for two of these targets, the phone call recording system had the same codes so calls for one were recording over the latest call attempt for the other. Meanwhile, the scheduler has put negative comments on the shop log requesting updates, like I haven't been keeping them updated on progress, and lack there of. I'm about done with this mess. Any suggestions?

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When in doubt, escalate to the MSC manager or owner.

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Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
I have done work for this company and I really work well with one scheduler in particular. My issue is payment seems to be extremely slow. I am hoping to report back to this forum success receipt of several shops done in the past three months.
Has anyone worked for this company ?
You do have to send them an invoice for payment.

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