Help please - Shopper Rating with Ann Michaels

I am relatively new to mystery shopping, however I have been doing it for about 2 months and I need some advice/assistance please. How is it possible that I have an average score rating with Ann Michaels & Associates, at 7 average rating , however, the only 3 shops I have done for them, each were rated a 9 out of 10. How is it possible to have a score, below your average? In addition, is there a way to track which location I applied for a shop at? I received a confirmation today, on a shop I swear I didn't apply for, but the shop next door to me, that I thought I applied for, was given to someone else. Hope this makes sense to the reader and someone can provide me with some insight. Thank you very much.

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Hi princess,

Most times, Sassie companies start you out at 5, so it takes a few shops to bring your average up. So, it's not like you're starting out with three 9s. You started out with a 5 and then added three 9s or whatever their particular way of averaging it is.

You can track your applications by clicking on the Applications tab on top of the Sassie shop log. It should be there and you can delete your applications there as well, if they haven't been assigned yet.

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I don't shop for Ann Michaels so I can't answer for them. However, some MSCs make you "work up" to a score regardless of your average. For example, Corporate Research International starts everybody's rating off at 3 (on a 5-point scale). After doing 5 shops, with a perfect 5 rating on each one, although your average score of shops performed would be 5, your score with that company is 3.6 or something. At CORI (which is now Stericycle), it takes a bunch of shops with perfect 5 scores to get your score up to a 5..... maybe 30 or 35 shops. Not sure if Ann Michaels works that way. I did one shop for them years ago and haven't felt the need to work with them since then. Not sure if they average shops this way or not but its a hypothesis.
That's interesting. The companies that I've done work for, and show me my scores, do things differently. With them, I'd start with a 5, and as soon as I'd done a job and been given a score, the new score simply replaced the 5. I've never done work for Ann Michaels, though.
I just did my first shop for them. My board shows last rating, 9; average rating 9.

Thanks to all the forum members!
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