Mystery Shopping Canada cancelled shop

Anyone else have a problem with them? They just cancelled a shop that I was going to do on Saturday.

How I found out was through the email they sent to all the shoppers, looking for someone to do that shop.
I checked and sure enough, it was my shop! It had been removed from me but I was not informed. Good thing I read the mass email. It's retaliation for a shop I did yesterday, where you get lot of pricing info, photos, etc. at a store. I was observed and asked to leave. The instructions had said something like, "You are allowed to take pictures in the store. If you weren't, there would be signs saying so!" which is ridiculous, but that is what the instructions said. I sent in the information I was able to get.

Wow, that is so inconsiderate.

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No, I've never had that happen. I had a different MSC cancel a shop. But they let me know and their reason made sense.
That happened to me once where I applied for a shop, was accepted, and even got the confirmation email. Then a few days before my visit, I logged into the Mystery Shopping Canada site to print out the paperwork and the shop was no longer in my account. Apparently it was assigned to another shopper. No explanation was given.

Now when I apply for shops, I don't get any of them. My sister signed up with Mystery Shopping Canada recently and applied for a few shops and she got all of them on her first try. I've pretty much given up on Mystery Shopping Canada. I'm convinced they blacklisted me or something, lol.
I've had shops accepted and cancelled. It went something like this...

Email 3:04 PM

You have been awarded XYZ, log on blah blah blah

Email 3:05 PM

Please disregard the last email, your shop has been cancelled. No further action is required.


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I wonder how many shoppers there are in my area for this MSC. There must be tons because I apply for shops and hardly ever get them. I've yet to have them cancel something without letting me know but then again, I get so few shops from them.

I wonder sometimes if it's because I don't write much in the blurb asking to a note in support of why I want the shop and when I will do it. What am I supposed to write other than I'm willing and able to do it within the date parameters set by the MSC?
I'm in Montreal. I remember getting an email from one of the schedulers a while back and she advised shoppers to write something like, "I have read and understand the instructions. I can perform the shop on this date ___________". I tried that but I'm still not getting any shops. My sister wrote the same thing, except she added that she just started mystery shopping so her experience is limited. She ended up getting all the shops she applied for. Go figure...
I always just write that I am able to do the shop by the due date. I can't think of anything else to write there either. They don't have much where I live, and not many shoppers are here, so I usually get what I apply for.
Not in Canada, so not registered with this company; but some MSCs down here have that little box for you to leave a note in support of why you should get the shop, also.

I not only comment on my availability and having reviewed the guidelines, but (if it's true) also comment that I've successfully done the shop (a few or several or whatever) times before, and have gotten good comments on my report.

Although from the conversation here, it seems that probably wouldn't work with these guys, either. Some people are just weird, apparently! It can drive me nuts trying to figure out some people's excuse for logic. smiling smiley

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A different MSC have cancelled shop assigned to me. Once the location was changing management which is about 6 times now in the last 2 years but I was only cancelled once. Another time at a different location, it was the town yearly anniversary weekend festival. Therefore no shops allowed on that weekend.

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