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I completed a two part shop and modeled my reports on previous ones for the same client which had received excellent reviews. After the reports were submitted they decided to make the second part of the project much more complicated. When I did not want to do the extra work they refused to pay me for either part of the shop.

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I am not sure I understand. Had you already committed to both parts?

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Are you saying they asked for a more in depth report on the second part of the shop? Were they asking for information not required by the guidelines? I don't understand, either.

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I do work for them all the time and never had an issue. I'm thinking the job may have changed for the OP as he/she did jobs for the same client before and the new guidelines were missed. Too bad it was after the report was submitted.

Could have been avoided and I can't stress enough. You should read the guidelines for every shop, all the time, even if you have done it a million times before.

My convenience store shops just changed for cash only to debit only and I usually schedule them as fill ins when I am far out on jobs, had I not caught that in the guidelines...... it would have been awful (but, my own fault.)

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MSC's should put revision dates on the guidelines. It isn't profitable to reread the same guidelines repeatedly.
TeriW Wrote:
> MSC's should put revision dates on the guidelines.
> It isn't profitable to reread the same guidelines
> repeatedly.

Well, it's part of the job.

Most of the companies I take assignments for clearly (and often!) state: guidelines are constantly changing and being revised. Read the guidelines within 24 hours of the shop to make sure you follow current guidelines.

Or something along that line.

If I hadn't checked the guidelines, I would have missed two recent changes to a certain FF chain...taking photos AND checking the restrooms. Neither were previously required.

And remember, too, it's often not the MSC that makes last-minute changes, but the CLIENT.

The MSC could still put a revision date on them. It may be part of the job, but it shows lack of consideration for our time.
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