Anyone heard of Imyst?

Brazenbear Wrote:
> How do I edit? This is the first time I have ever
> joined a forum. Sorry for my ignorance.

Nothing to apologize for. None of us were born knowng how forums worked. When you look at the bottom right side of posts that other people have made, you'll see three links: Quote Reply Report

When you look at the bottom right side of posts that you have made, there's a fourth link, 'Edit'.

So, you'll see: Edit Quote Reply Report on the bottom right side of your own posts. Click on the 'Edit', and then you can change things around as much as you want to.

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Brazenbear, welcome to the forum and think you for removing references to a company that did not do a bad thing. I'm in favor of naming names and being open about both company and shopper mistakes, and I appreciate your efforts in taking care to name the right company.

RIMS is a newcomer like you and I'm guessing he is confused about the term "spammer" - you definitely have not spammed anyone.
Thanks, I moved my comments to 'chat' and proposed a question that was not so "ME" oriented. I hope it generates some food for thought.
Imyst is a legitimate company, one of the fastest paying, with straightforward guidelines and report. Full speed ahead, Brazenbear.
I performed one shop with them. I was paid quickly (less than a month). I can co-sign with Mert
Read the instructions carefully, then read them again before you jump on an assignment. Although I don't like the types of assignments they offer in my area-mostly home improvement, carpet cleaning, trash and tree removal,- they do tell you up front what is expected. Kudos to them for that upfront honesty.
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