Anyone ever hear of Customer Perspectives

Trying to find more MSCs to sign up with and came across Customer Perspectives. Has anyone ever had experience with them? Do they offer a lot of opportunities with good pay and pay quickly?

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Performed 5 shops with them and no issues. Some reports can be long, some short.

Mike T
Looking for shops in Western Canada

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They pay monthly and they are located in NH. I have found the reports to be very easy. I did several shops in April, but there are rotations, so I don't expect much in May.
I've done a few with them. In both cases, the "target" did not show at the store. I was paid the 16th of the following month.

No issues.

I like them a lot! I find their pay to be extremely fair and the reports to be reasonable. I spotted a once long time client of CP on a different company's job board and noticed it was half the pay of CP.

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I've been shopping with them for years. Great company. When I was a new shopper I did the dreaded Scandinavian furniture store when they had the client and it was actually reasonable to do. They used to pay like clockwork on the 15th, however, I noticed a recent change to their pay schedule. They now pay around the 21st. I just received a payment today for a March shop. Lovely people to work with!

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Zen Shin Talks
I used to shop for them...didn't have any problems.

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Reliable, dependable pay, variety of shops in my area. The reports are reasonable for the work required.
Thanks everyone for your feedback. nanabelle - they can be found at I wish there would be more companies on the directory. I have found numerous companies to not be on the list.
Sallyctcss Wrote:
> They are one of my favorite companies to work for.

Yes, I really enjoyed those pet store shops they had earlier this month. So fun to go in and see all the dogs in the aisles. The worst thing about the shops was leaving the dogs behind.

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Love them, they do pet stores and a home decor store. I love getting emails from them. They have given me zero issues.
Love them! They pay quickly, on time, and the reports are fair in regards to narratives - not narrative based in my experience. I would love more shops from them! The schedulers are really good as far as communications, go, too.
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