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I thought I read somewhere on the forum that these two companies are the same company or owned by the same "master" company. Or is one of them no longer active or running under a different name? My login and password does not work anymore on the Caliber website but I have no problem logging into Interactions Insights and have actually applied for one of their shops.

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Yes, Interactions is where its at. Daymon is another name this company has had in the past. It has gotten a bit confusing.

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S2L, it was Daymond, changed to Caliber and now Interactive. Why are you confused? LOL! :-P

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What's happened with their groceries shops? They removed them recently from the board with promise to return in the end of May. Now it is almost the end of June but they not back yet.

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I can clear up a little bit of this.

The entire MS side of this (huge) company came out of a desire for them to have their services shopped. The parent company is the one that puts food demo people into a big name warehouse club. So the warehouse club shops that are scheduled every month are actually one side of the business shopping the other side. Originally that branch of the company was called Daymon Interactions. Later they decided to differentiate themselves from the parent company by going with Caliber. And then this past year they changed it to Interactions Marketing. Really nothing changed but the name - same company, same people, same schedulers, etc.

To add to the confusion, originally Daymon was on a Sassie site, but later started using a proprietary software, so this is the correct site where shops are posted: []
Or to register: []

I hope that helps. I know from my perspective, it's a great company. Pays like clockwork (15th of every month) and great people to work with.

Now the grocery shops are on hiatus (we hate it as much as you do). Right now we don't know what is happening with them but we are hopeful that they will be back.

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