Mystery Shoppers Inc. late payment!


I did a shop for Mystery Shoppers on 3/2 and payment only arrived on 5/29!

How would you guys handle this considering we get penalised for being late.

This check should have arrived early May so they are almost a month late!!

I tried to contact them a few times but I don't get to speak to a human and leave messages but they are not returning my calls so far!

Thanks for listening!

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I would confirm the payment standards to when you got paid. As you didn't mention that in your post, I can't tell if there is a problem or not. Lots of MSC pay this same way.

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Checks are cut the end of the month following the shop meaning this payment should have been mailed the first week in May. I've never noticed them being this late before. Is it Mystery Shoppers inc or Mystery Shopper Services? Mystery Shopper Services pays 45 to 50 business days after a shop is approved. Approval can easily take a week so 5/29 for a 3/2 shop is par for the course.

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It's as it says in the thread title "Mystery Shoppers Inc."

And yes their payment policy is end of the following month, hence my concern and reason I posted here today to see if I'm alone or if others have also had similar experiences.

Thanks for your replies!
The last shop I did for them was mid-November. I received payment January 12. That's a similar timeframe to my history with them. Do you have any reason to believe the check was delivered by mistake to a neighbor, who let it sit on the table a couple of weeks, before putting it in your box? That has happened to me.

If telephoning didn't work, you may have better luck emailing your scheduler.
I did email the scheduler who says, rightfully, that she doesn't work in the payroll department and cannot comment on late payments!
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